Our Founder, Melanie Wassman has deep roots in yoga, nutrition, herbology and reiki energy healing, all with the intention of nourishing the body from the inside out. Beyond using food as medicine, Melanie found a passion for plant botanicals and herbs and their incredible healing properties.

The deeper she began to study herbology, the more awareness she had for the toxic ingredients that are found in most personal care products. When she could not find any replacement products on the market that met her standards, she began to create her own. With her background in Clinical Herbalism, she was able to easily blend together the perfect oils with plant botanicals and create her own personal care products from the earth. She began to share these products with family and friends and from there, Spell Botanicals was born.

Beyond taking care of ourselves, Melanie is also extremely passionate about taking care of our earth. And it is her mission with Spell to use the highest quality organic and sustainable ingredients from the products, to the packaging and everything we create at Spell.

Check out what Melanie is up to at @rebelandmuse on Instagram.



Our Co-Founder Shanna Mota is on a mission to empower women to live life fully expressed through cultivating self love. She believes that what this world needs, is more people who love themselves. Shanna has dedicated her life to this mission by working with women on aligning mind body and heart through healthy eating, meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices.

Her motivation to support women on their journey to loving themselves was fueled by the birth of her daughter, Soleil. Shanna has had first hand experience working with hundreds of women who have all been taught that they are broken and they need fixing and she is committed to changing that narrative for herself, her daughter, and every woman she comes in contact with.

Shanna is also extremely passionate about living a non-toxic life, stemming from her studies in nutrition. She knows that what goes ON the body, goes IN the body and has been on a deep journey of replacing ALL household and personal care products. When she discovered Melanie’s home-made plant botanical oils, a partnership made complete sense and provided an opportunity to merge Melanie’s products and love for the earth with Shanna’s desire to spread a message of self love.

Check out what Shanna is up to at @shannamota on Instagram.