About Us

Spell Botanicals was birthed from two women’s desire to create organic, non-toxic skincare with ingredients sourced from the earth. Because we know that what goes ON the body, goes in the body.
But we’re not here to sell you an anti-aging product or to make promises of eliminating fine lines or wrinkles or boast about our organic, highest quality plant botanicals we use, because the ingredients speak for themselves.
No, we are here to empower you to fall in love with yourself.
We are here to disrupt the skincare industry by REDEFINING BEAUTY.
We believe that the truest form of beauty begins on the inside, and that loving ourselves, starts from within.


Because taking care of yourself is a huge part of the journey to self love. And we wanted to create a daily self-love ritual, a way for you to nourish your skin with ingredients from the earth so that the outside can match the inside.
And so the product is just a way for us to get into your home, but the true transformation begins when oil meets skin and you look at yourself in the mirror. For what you see in the mirror, defines everything.
And you my dear, are beautiful.
This is for the women.
This is for our daughters.
This is for you.