Self Care is Self Love

One of my lovely memories of being a child was my mother’s love for taking baths. It was one of the special moments that she would create just for her, setting aside the time and letting us all know to leave her be for a while. She’d bring in flowers, light a candle and shut the door. What I don’t recall is if we really honored this time of hers, or if we would call for her through the bathroom door with a question that could honestly have waited… I will have to ask.
​UPDATE: Mom says we were very respectful of her time. :o) 

Now that I am an adult, I have adopted this ritualistic, special reverence for bath time from her. Candles, soft music, bath salts, aromatherapy, and maybe a glass of wine. It’s a truly special gift of self love. As I relax in the warm bath, letting the day wash away, I take the time to create intentions. Intentions of love, of peace, of release… Whatever it is I need in that moment. I imagine the surrounding bath water, infused with my intention, gently holding space for me as I give myself this time for me. 

In the spirit of this act of Self Love, I have created three new Bath Spells: Love, Happiness, and Let Go. Each one is a perfect balance of Dead Sea Salts and organic flowers, and comes with its own Spell for you to read as your intention as you slip into your nourishing bath. Give yourself permission to relax and receive the magic. And so it is.